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iCycle is a one-stop shop for child cycle training and was developed, in partnership, by the Road Safety Units of Argyll and Bute Council and North Ayrshire Council in 2013.  Printed materials and a website provide trainers and teachers with all the resources they need for cycle training – everything is accessible, relevant and engaging and is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.

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iCycle has 3 printed resources – a  trainer’s manual, children’s workbook and a newsletter for parents.  These are distributed at training days prior to cycle training being carried out.  The iCycle website also has copies of these materials which can then be viewed on whiteboards in the classroom.


A key feature of the iCycle resource is that it is fully linked to the Curriculum for Excellence.  These links help trainers and teachers work together and show how the learning fits into the 4 capacities.  Peer and self-assessment activities have been developed and are available to view on a whiteboard or print out.  There are also interactive games such as a wordsearch, quiz and drag and drop activities which reinforce learning.


Additionally the website has 8 film clips with children from one of our schools actually going through their cycle training with an instructor.  This takes trainers through how a session might be run – they give a flavour of what takes place and last a maximum of 15 minutes so it is easy for the trainer to view or even to show to children who might learn better visually.

By having everything accessible in the one place, both Councils can easily update resources or make changes to risk assessments.  We can add to the website as we see fit – or following on from evaluations carried out with our users.  We have recently added new games which the pupils can access.  With 2 Council’s committed financially we are able to share the costs of printing the materials, or adding material to the website, with maximum benefit to a greater number of schools/pupils.


The website also makes cycle training a lot easier for the Road Safety Units involved – schools order materials, access all information required and then send in results when training is complete.  With limited staff resources this has been a huge benefit.

We involved all of our users – teachers, trainers, children and parents – tailoring each of our resources to the group targeted.  People were keen to tell us what hadn’t worked in the past and to give us ideas for the future.  For instance, the children involved in the consultation told us that they wanted a colourful, bright workbook that had a mixture of real people and cartoon illustrations.  We found that when people saw that we were listening and acted on their comments they use the resource more and promote it within their school.


In 2016 East Ayrshire Council bought into the iCycle programme and will now provide their schools with our materials. With the extra pupils from East Ayrshire being involved the cost of printed materials decreased this year.  Interest has recently been shown by North Lanarkshire Council too.


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