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Accreditation for the Customer Service Excellence Standard aims to deliver improved services through a customer focused change management programme.  The project ensures that via customer consultation a detailed knowledge base of what our customers want is developed and this is translated into service change and improvements ensuring that the customer is at the heart of service delivery.  The standard assesses against key areas that research has indicated are a priority for customers, with particular focus on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. There is also an emphasis placed on developing customer insight, understanding the user’s experience and the development of a robust measurement for customer service satisfaction.  Service improvements are then measured against a continuous improvement programme, assessed against 57 components and externally audited on an annual basis to gain the Customer Service Excellence award.

Theme: Customer Service

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  • Customer insight:  Ensuring that we know who our customers are and how they want the service to be delivered.

  • Culture: moving the organisation towards a customer focused culture.

  • Information: provide accurate, detailed, accessible guidance as well as keeping customers informed.  Ensure that customers are able to access the information in a way that is convenient for them.

  • Delivery:  The method by which the service is carried out, how problems managed if they are encountered.

  • Timeliness and quality of service: Ensuring that we monitor effectively and have accurate KPOs and other performance indicators to drive service improvements.

Accreditation to the Customer Service Excellence award provides a driver for continuous improvement incorporating the main elements listed below:


  • Customer focused service delivery

  • Customer led service improvements

  • Uniform approach/quality management – developing processes and procedures to ensure consistency of advice and service delivery

  • Skills development tool – developing a customer focused culture and creating training opportunities for staff

  • Independent validation – being externally audited ensures a continuous improvement management programme

Project currently in the implementation phase.

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