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Lochee Community Hub is a ‘one stop shop’ providing life enhancing and life changing services in the heart of one of the most deprived communities in Dundee. In just a few months the Hub has already become a fixture in Lochee community life, making a real difference to people using its services and addressing issues that really matter to the people in the area. The partners engaged by the Hub team and the services provided go right to the heart of inequality and include welfare rights, job club, health checks, mental health support, support for those using substances and support for children and families. The Hub is the perfect example of agencies coming together to address local priorities in a way that suits local circumstances and engages local people.

Theme: Partnership and Collaboration

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The Lochee Hub team is a partnership of workers from Children and Families, City Development, Community Regeneration, Adult Learning, Housing, Addaction and Dundee Voluntary Action which was developed under the auspices of the Lochee Community Planning Partnership.


In its report “A Fair Way to Go” the Dundee Fairness Commission stated, “Services must be better joined up to meet all the needs of individuals and families in poverty, in their localities wherever possible.” This is exactly what the Hub aims to do. It also seeks to address national drivers such as the principles of the Christie Commission by working in partnership to achieve change across sectors.


Some examples of support available from the Hub:


  • direct access to housing support services
  • weekly Job Club, 1:1 support, support for daily job search
  • IT support and help
  • stress reduction groups for people on low incomes
  • drop-in support for elderly people
  • drop-in, 1:1 and group support for people in recovery
  • carers support
  • 1:1 mental health support
  • health checks
  • parent and children activity group

The Hub only opened in Autumn 2016 so it is still early to measure any big shift in relation to health, poverty or employment in Lochee. However, that is absolutely what we will be measuring our contribution towards.


Among our achievements to date are simply that the Hub is open and operational, because that took a lot of hard work and perseverance from the Hub team and those supporting us.


We have also achieved our ambition of having a variety of services focused on the key priorities of health, addiction, employability and children and families using the Hub and connecting with the Lochee community.


We also know that the Lochee community is using the Hub and that it is increasingly being seen as a key part of community life. In the first five months the Hub was open there were over 3,500 visitors and 34 different organisations using the space to provide a range of recreational, employability, recovery friendly and support services for the whole community.


The most important feedback we have had is from the community themselves. People from Lochee have told us:


“The Hub has been a great place to come as I can socialise with other people.  It is a great place that is needed in Lochee.”


“Access to services which otherwise I couldn’t do before the Hub opened. Staff very helpful.  Easy atmosphere to make you feel at ease.”


“There’s a lot of agencies who provide good services like job club, Addaction, benefits, housing plus you get to sit down with staff or whoever is in plus you find out what is happening in the area.”

Community engagement has been at the heart of the project to ensure we are getting it right for Lochee. People who are experiencing inequalities consistently told us that the way they are treated affects their experience of and likelihood of using services. Providing a safe, welcoming space for local people to be able to gain the support they need has been a consistent request from local residents.


Prior to opening, the Hub team group hosted a number of engagement events for local residents to gather views on how the Hub should operate and the type of activities it should offer.  Since opening we have held five additional open sessions for local residents and traders. We have also hosted consultation events for local and national organisations/groups to support them to improve what they do and how they meet the needs and ambitions of the people of Lochee.


Barriers to overcome included the perception in the community of what the Hub was for and who it was for. By actively keeping the community informed and giving them the opportunity to have their say on what the Hub looks like, we have moved past these misconceptions and now we can see the community really value the facility.


What is really innovative about the Hub and the Hub team is the way in which public services, both within and outside of Dundee City Council, are working together, not just on planning and strategy but on a practical project to improve lives.


Similarly innovative is the model of the Third Sector managing a Council building to host a variety of partnership services. In the future this integrated model of service delivery between different partners will become more common as we look to use all of our joint resources collaboratively to become focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our citizens.  The Hub is testing the model for future life services facilities in Lochee and elsewhere across the city.


The team are highly active on social media every day to ensure that people are hearing about the great work that is happening in the Hub and helping people consider how they could take similar approaches in their services.  Particularly popular have been the short videos from service providers and service users telling their stories about what difference the Hub has made to their service or to their lives.

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