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Homelessness Services-Collaborative Efficiency Programme


Key activities

Benefits and impacts


The project aim was to transform housing support and advice services to focus on the prevention of homelessness and the achievement of outcomes.


This was done through a pilot to reshape services which commenced October 2014.

Theme: Service Transformation

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Contracts and service specifications were co-produced with voluntary sector partners to reshape services to provide housing support and advice. Interventions were to be short term and outcome focussed.


Existing providers formed consortia to provide services aligned to Council neighbourhoods. The Commissioning Team have provided support and guidance throughout the pilot to enable the transformation and to achieve the move to payment by outcomes following a transition year.

Collaboration between the Council and the voluntary sector has successfully managed the transition to new working and funding arrangements.


 The formation of consortia and other arrangements reduced the number of contracts to be managed from 15 to 6. Referral routes and service provision are now clearer to those seeking a service and there is closer integration with Councils own services.


The change to payments by outcomes should deliver best value and will mean that it is clearer what service is being paid for. The focus on outcomes means that clients better understand the purpose of the service they get. Case lengths have reduced and there is less dependency on services. By preventing people becoming homeless there should be a reduction in homelessness presentations and pressure on temporary accommodation resources. The pilot created opportunities to develop new ways of working including the provision of low level preventative services.

The change to payment by outcomes represents a big change and providers require extensive support and guidance to achieve the change.

Outcomes should be easily measurable as well as understood by all parties.


By taking a closely collaborative approach with partners and taking into account their issues and concerns we have been able to achieve significant changes in the way services are delivered and contracted for.


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