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Inverclyde CPP: Our Place, Our Future - A Community Engagement Approach to Strategic Planning


Key activities

Benefits and impacts


What was the Problem/Issue?


Inverclyde CPP were keen to work with communities across Inverclyde to develop their Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) to ensure that the plan prioritised the outcomes and activities that would make the most difference to people’s lives and in recognition of the fact that communities themselves hold the answers to the problems experienced by those living in their area.



Theme: Community Planning and Empowerment

In 2016, Inverclyde CPP undertook an extensive 6-month community engagement with stakeholders across Inverclyde via a survey and a series of community events.


Using the Place Standard tool, Inverclyde CPP’s ‘Our Place Our Future’ survey aimed to capture people’s views on a wide range of themes affecting the local community including housing, safety, public transport, facilities and local amenities and play and recreation. An adapted survey was also developed to consult with children and young people touching, with questions tailored to suit a young audience.


This was the largest consultation ever undertaken by Inverclyde CPP, with almost 2% of residents aged 16 and over completing the survey. This was the highest rate of engagement Inverclyde CPP had ever achieved, with the findings from the consultation directly informing the key priorities that were included in the LOIP.

What helped us to improve community participation?


The CPP used a wide range of mechanisms to reach as many people as possible, including: social media and online advertising; a series of community ‘drop-in’ days across Inverclyde; stalls in public places with high footfall and engaging with existing community networks and groups.

This work was helped by the CPP receiving a small amount of funding from the Big Lottery Fund, which provided additional resources to coordinate the consultation and produce marketing materials.


What were the barriers to improving community participation?


The CPP initially struggled to engage with certain groups of people and quickly found that different methods of engagement were effective in engaging with different groups.  Importantly, the CPP found that inviting members of the community to come to engagement events at venues that the CPP had hired was less effective, and more expensive, than going to places where members of the community regularly visit. For example, the CPP learned that undertaking consultation in shopping centres and supermarkets proved highly effective in reaching groups that would not normally engage with these processes.

Importantly, Inverclyde CPP were keen that the consultation would not be a one-off exercise and plan repeat the process in 3 years, to understand the progress that has been made in addressing the issues that members of the community highlighted as being most important to them.

Capitalising on the high levels of community engagement that the ‘Our Place, Our Future’ consultation achieved, Inverclyde CPP also aims to continue to work closely with the community in delivering the LOIP.


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