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The Civil Contingencies Service (CCS) is a joint emergency planning service covering Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Council areas.


Through a highly collaborative approach, the CCS supports the three Councils to create and implement plans to prevent and respond to emergencies, ensuring that the Councils meet the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act.  The CCS provides technical expertise to all Council service areas to:


  • prepare planning arrangements;
  • train staff and;
  • test planning arrangements.


Policy decisions are taken by a Joint Management Board (comprising the Chief Executives from the Councils).  Routine business matters are progressed in partnership with a nominated Head of Service who liaises with the CCS Senior Officer on routine issues.  Similarly, each Civil Contingencies Officer acts as a key liaison link to a particular Council.

Theme: Partnership and Collaboration

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Emergency planning aims to prevent emergencies from occurring, and if the emergencies do occur, implement plans to reduce and control the threats.


The CCS work programme involves three distinct work streams:


  • Organisational Resilience – The resilience of the councils and their key partners
  • Business Resilience – The resilience of the wider business community
  • Community Resilience – The resilience of the local population but also being mindful of the transient population

Our collaborative approach has resulted in the following key benefits:


  • Better use of available staff resources across the three councils;
  • Shared training leading to an increased resilience across the three councils;
  • Increased efficiency from reduced duplication;
  • Systematic performance management;
  • Having a ‘combined voice’ with a shared aim – this is particularly useful when discussing regional matters, where many other agencies having their own agendas.

There is constant learning and adaption to the challenges that are faced across all three councils – lessons and learning points are shared between the three, further increasing resilience.

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To find out more about this case study, please contact:


David Mair

Senior Civil Contingencies Officer

Renfrewshire Council

0141 618 7402

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