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Rapid Improvement Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation Hub, Pavilion 3, Ayrshire Central Hospital: Rapid Test of Change Week


North Ayrshire Heath and Social Care Partnership implemented the rapid change event after an Appreciative Inquiry summit and positive conversations with carers, service users, PPF representatives and staff, about local intermediate care and rehabilitation resource.


The test of change week challenged decision making and engaged with service users, families and carers to achieve the best outcome for the individual. This was achieved with a MDT approach and a robust medical model, including support from Allied Healthcare Professionals, Social Services, Elderly Mental Health Team, Nursing, Pharmacy, District Nursing and Medical professionals.

Themes: Health and Social Care, Service Transformation

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Admission criteria and screening protocol were developed.


A single point of contact allowed ease of  access and improved communication.

Team members used an issues log.


The daily MDT meeting asked; ‘What is keeping this person here?’


Processes were mapped and data collected.

Aim of project in Pavilion 3 (30 bedded rehabilitation unit at Ayrshire Central Hospital) was to:


  • Identify patients in acute care most likely to benefit from intensive rehabilitation and work with them to set personal goals and develop a tailored rehabilitation plan aimed at securing their safe return home

  • Reduce demand for acute care, length of stay for those requiring acute support and length of time to discharge from an acute setting for those who require access to hospital- based rehabilitation services

  • Create a dynamic community based unit that promotes wellbeing and empowers individuals to be as independent as possible.

  • Offer  an  alternative  to  acute  hospital  admission,  support early discharge

  • Improve the individual’s experience and ensure they receive appropriate support

  • Provide a protocol and admission criteria for acute services

  • Develop a reporting framework to measure outcomes

  • Develop local links and third sector services

  • Ensure appropriate professional support for those with complex needs, long term conditions or end of life needs

Average stay was reduced by 7.6 days. This is 9% lower than previous year.

P3 throughput (over 6 months) has increased by 37%. Orthopaedic and Medical protocols allow acute services to highlight individuals who require rehabilitation.


Analysis shows that 81% of those discharged remained at home or in a homely environment.

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