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The purpose of the project was to rationalise the number of job profiles that support staff in primary were working to, to realign support staff to a revised staffing standard and deliver an agreed budget saving of £150k.  The review also gave Head Teacher’s greater flexibility in how they deploy support staff in their school and thereby avoid demarcation issues. There were 329 staff in scope.  Pupil Support Assistants and Early Childhood Practitioners were not in scope.

Theme: Workforce Planning and Management

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9 existing job profiles and job titles were rationalised and 2 new job  profiles were created, evaluated and approved and 2 new job titles were created.


The staffing standard for support staff was amended to reflect to the 2 new job profiles.


An analysis of the impact of changes at the corporate centre on Head Teachers workloads was carried out.


A bench marking exercise with 12 other Scottish Local Authorities was carried out.


The relevant trade unions were consulted throughout the process.


All staff in scope were given the opportunity to comment on the revised job profiles.


Over and under allocation of support staff as a result of changing rolls over a number of years was corrected ensuring a fairer allocation of staff across the school estate.


The reallocation of staff and the £150k saving was achieved without detriment being imposed on any staff.


Agreement was reached with the trade unions that the allocation of support staff in primary schools would be reviewed on an annual basis in line with other school based staff.


37 temporary staff were given permanent contracts.


Giving all staff in scope the opportunity to comment on the proposals helped with implementation and trade union consultation.


HR and trade union representatives held joint meetings with staff groups again assisting with implementation.


Effective vacancy management in the lead up to the review helped realign existing staff to the revised staffing standard.

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