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Community Participation Around New Model of Care


Key activities

Benefits and impacts


There was a health facility that was no longer fit for purpose due to health and safety reasons and not being able to recruit registered nursing staff. One cause of this was due to cost of housing in the area and a lack of affordable protected housing. The nearest hospital for people in the area was half an hour away and the acute hospital an hour away - meaning people had to travel long distances.


The area required a new model of care that met the needs of local people.


Themes: Community Planning and Empowerment

The CPP set up community groups and went out to the community to talk about challenges and issues they were facing. The CPP wanted to have a dialogue about how to best deliver services, based on what the community needed and wanted in their locality.


The CPP undertook a huge piece of engagement (about 4 years) and the process was intensive and required a lot of time resources to get people together.

What helped us to improve community participation?


Trained facilitators were used to encourage a dialogue approach and this worked well. The process felt like a dialogue, not a consultation with both communities and organisations involved. People appreciate the effort and feel a part of it and this allowed the CPP to develop good relationships with the community.


What were the barriers to improving community participation?


Having gone through the community engagement journey, still unable to deliver what is wanted.  Despite the engagement, the community feel disappointment and this can discourage continued engagement.

Engagement does not always solve the problems and there needs to be continued dialogue with communities about the complexity of issues. In the end, housing remained a big issue and meant the new model of care couldn’t be delivered due to not being able to recruit the right staff.

Case study added to site: December 2018

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