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The programme provides an enhanced breakfast club programme in 4 Primary Schools across Renfrewshire 5 days a week between 8.15 and 9.00am each day. The morning clubs are made up of a programme of physical activities, information sharing and practical sessions based on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.    Teachers, Active Schools coaches and Catering staff are working in partnership to ensure pupils get a healthy breakfast, educational learning, social development and physical activities.


Theme: Children and Education

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  • Breakfasts are offered universally with no age or income limit, and include activity and information days where pupils participate in fun activities and learn about topics such as healthy eating.
  • The Breakfast Clubs support health and wellbeing through activities and healthy eating, and attainment by supporting children to be ready to learn at the beginning of the school day.

It has long been recognised that a good, healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this is certainly the case for children. However, some children are coming to school hungry. This is why our breakfast clubs play such an important role in preparing children for the learning that lies ahead of them in the school day. Teachers report that breakfast clubs have been very successful and that the children who attend them are ready to learn.


  • Children are in school early, have received a nutritional breakfast and are ready to start the school day
  • Increased knowledge on health and wellbeing
  • Increased social development skills
  • Increased physical exercise

During the first 3 months of implementation we have provided over 5,661 healthy breakfasts over 135 sessions, and take-up of the clubs across all schools are high.


We have received very positive feedback from Headteachers.  Quote from one of those Headteachers is below.


“The Breakfast Club is already making an amazing difference to our pupils.  Several of the teachers have commented on seeing a positive difference in particular children who had previously arrived in school lethargic and disengaged from their learning and who now arrive in class motivated, enthused and engaged with their learning. We have also had a few mums telling us that the provision of a breakfast club will enable them to attend college or university.” Headteacher


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