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South Ayrshire Council (SAC) introduced this scheme in responses to concerns that despite a year on year reduction on Homeless presentations, there was an increase in the length of time that clients were staying in temporary accommodation. As well as this increase it was also noted that children were spending more time within the homeless system resulting in pressure to ensure that more suitable accommodation was made available.


SAC had already made a commitment to reducing its reliance on B&B accommodation due to the high costs associated with this type of accommodation and it’s unsuitability for children or pregnant women.


It therefore took the decision in 2014 to expand its existing Temporary Furnished Private Sector Lease scheme and work with a single Private Sector Leasing Company to secure an additional 50 properties.  The properties  are being procured from the open market by the supplier and brought up to a letable standard to be used by SAC as Temporary Accommodation for those most in need.


This scheme has a number of benefits including reduced running costs of these properties and consequential lower rents for tenants and it also decreases pressure on council housing stock.

Theme: Housing and Regeneration

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  • Supplier is tasked with providing up to a maximum of 50 properties off of the open market to be brought up to standard and used as temporary accommodation.
  • The properties once on scheme are managed by the Housing Options Temporary Accommodation Team
  • There are quarterly meetings between supplier/Accommodation Team and Private Sector Team who manage the contract to go over any issues
  • General repairs are managed by a managing agent or via South Ayrshire Council Tradesman depending on the repair
  • Reduction of Bed and Breakfast use in South Ayrshire. No Bed and Breakfast used since Jan 2015
  • Better quality accommodation for those in housing need
  • Bringing back into use long term empty properties and enhancing areas
  • Local business and trades used for any work required on property
  • Scheme has helped to reduce B&B use in South Ayrshire
  • Tenants are satisfied with the accommodation being provided to them and is a positive coping mechanism whilst going through a stressful system
  • Due to changes in the market not all properties have been procured yet – initial submission envisioned this being completed in a short period of time
  • From a repairs perspective it is better to have one managing agent for a number of properties rather than dealing with individual landlords

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Chris Carroll

Private Sector and Landlord Registration Officer

South Ayrshire Council

01292 272020

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