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Supplementing Free School Meals During School Holidays


Key activities

Benefits and impacts


Children were going hungry during breaks from school when they were not receiving free school meals.

Theme: Children and Education

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The Community Planning Partnership came together to identify areas that had particularly high level of children who needed the support. Having done so, they used a bus to deliver portable, healthy meals and found out where events across these areas were held, through sport clubs etc. The project was funded by community benefit funding from a central fund as well as localised sponsorship from local businesses such as electricians etc.

What helped improve community participation


Talked to the people that have a relationship with these children to figure out the best approach to deliver free meals.  aware of the need to be careful about stigma when targeting the support so they decided to link the free meals with activities rather than deprivation. Doing so meant the project was successful in delivering the outcome without increasing any stigma around free meals. There have been wider benefits beyond the project such as people have started to build relationships with people they wouldn’t normally talk to.


Barriers to improving community participation


Challenges exist around entitlement as a lot of people are not registered so these children are hard to target. There are higher level challenges and opportunities around how to match food poverty with reducing food piles and waste. Could perhaps work in closer partnership with social enterprises.

Looking at schools as a future hub for the project. South Ayrshire Council would not have been able to deliver the project without volunteer involvement. In particularly churches and parents. The community is driving the project which is important because they know who really need the support.


The press has been positive helped as the project was marketed as an initiative for providing activities rather than addressing  deprivation.


Case study added to site: December 2018

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