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Community Involvement Through Engaging Young People


Key activities

Benefits and impacts


Theme: Community Planning and Empowerment

What did we as a CPP do?


Wanted to be more aware of the real issues happening out in our communities so building a network in order to engage with more people. Thoughts and outputs from meetings are gathered in a note of the meeting and circulated with the minute.



What helped us to improve community participation?


By making the meetings more informal and completely changing the structure to a conversation with those attending rather than presentations to an audience.


What were the barriers to improving community participation?


Locality plans should have fed into the Community Plan (LOIP), but we had to produce the Community Plan first. The process took longer than planned and was the wrong way around.


Locality committees were not effective as they were politically driven. The Council was put at the front in the meetings, with the public being pushed to the back. We have completely changed this around to a conversation with communities.


Community Councils still to find their role/place; some working more effectively than others.


Currently going through storming, forming and norming stages which take time.

We have a lot to learn about engaging with young people, we’re not even close to understanding how they would like us to communicate with them. We need to go where they are, instead of expecting them to come to us.


Case study added to site: December 2018

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