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Stirling City Development Framework sets a vision for Stirling that will make sure that the city is compared to global players known for their innovation, social values and economic prosperity. Stirling will build its global competitive advantage and its reputation as an international destination of choice, establishing itself as a cultural and economic powerhouse attracting and retaining high value jobs. This ambition for economic growth is matched with commitment to equalities and social justice. Growth in the city as an economic driver will be used to maximise benefit across the Council area, particularly in more disadvantaged and rural communities.


The Framework is a collaborative ambition with a wide range of public, private and community sector partners in common agreement. The involvement of partners has been essential to the Framework and has enabled a particular programme of inter related projects to be proposed, tested and refined against a diverse range of views.


Theme: Employability

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  • Strategic framework for sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth in the city and region, leveraged by infrastructure and a focus on collaboration, employability and regeneration
  • Significant investment portfolio for the city including grey, green and blue infrastructure
  • Programme of projects which span the city, connect it to its urban and rural city region, and showcase its stunning physical and natural rich heritage through a modern, innovative lens
  • Stakeholder engagement and collaborative planning across public, third, private and community sectors is central
  • Projects will generate business and jobs growth in urban and rural Stirling, increased retail footfall and boost city vitality, leading to increased community safety, increased sustainability and positive mental and physical wellbeing
  • Projects will be supported by a revitalised transport infrastructure maximising active and green travel by foot, bike and boat
  • Project procurement will maximise community benefit and social value
  • Opportunities for community ownership, community empowerment and growth in social enterprise
  • Infrastructure will incorporate dementia friendly design aligned to Stirling’s intention to become a Dementia Friendly City
  • Pilot local food hub as part of a vision for Stirling as a Sustainable Food City
  • Work on the CDF has emphasised the importance of stakeholder and partner engagement, and of early and continued community engagement.
  • Strategic alignment of key Council priorities, especially those of employability and community regeneration has been critical.
  • Evidence led, outcomes-based approach - understanding Stirling’s strengths and opportunities and future proofing to ensure long term, equitable benefit realisation
  • Robust governance, senior management and cross party Political support is essential

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